Basic information about the borrowers

According to The Credit People and the information published on the company website, the repair of loans involves ensuring that credit reporting agencies produce accurate credit reports for consumers. It must be determined whether each individual credit report contains only information which it should lawfully disclose. This includes acting to reduce a consumer’s credit report and rating to the highest honest potential, and then ensuring that this report is sufficiently streamlined to achieve the highest legitimate credit score.

The Credit People Review

As a well-known and active credit repair service, the company today states that its trained and experienced employees help thousands of individuals each month significantly improve their credit reports and scores, removing visible and hidden errors from these reports.

This company proposes to thoroughly review a customer’s credit report to determine what needs to be corrected, eliminated or improved, and then take action to increase creditworthiness while simultaneously contesting capitalized entries in the report that are longer are debatable or stay longer in the credit report than they should. Although you, as a customer, could actually do this credit analysis and repair work yourself, this would most likely require a lot of time, energy and patience.

Due to its exemplary expertise and success in the field of credit repair, this company offers to take on this important task for you. In particular, when the majority of consumers today are reminded of the need to know all the legal aspects of credit reporting and updating by creditors and credit bureaus, they decide to hire a company like this to do this difficult task for them.

Consumers will then be invited by this popular credit repair company and encouraged to start registering in the company’s website publications and pay the trial set-up fee of just $ 19 to begin credit repair services. New customers who enjoy the services offered will be charged $ 69 per month to continue services. Anyone who is dissatisfied can cancel within the first 7-day trial period.

These ongoing customers are asked to “pay at their own convenience”, with the option of canceling the credit repair services at any time. Another option is to pay $ 299 for a full six-month service plan. The company guarantees full service at no extra cost or hidden fees. The Company undertakes to complete a full credit rating review for each client, to develop an active credit reporting and rating repair strategy, and to continue work until the credit repair is complete.

The company also guarantees that its experts proactively challenge and exclude any questionable entries from customers’ credit reports in order to improve their score. Services included in the entire credit repair process include removal of damaging elements such as late payments, identity theft, bankruptcies, collections, judgments, replacements, and requests from a customer record.

These promotional materials further explain that since the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) came into force, credit repair services have legal access to customer credit reports and work on correcting data that appears invalid or unfair to significantly improve credit ratings. The company’s promotion then claims that this service is the one best prepared to repair your credit as a new customer, successfully increase your credit score, and help you get good and even excellent reviews.

Rating of experts in the credit repair industry
AAA Credit Guide
According to the AAA Credit Guide, which is organized and operated by consumers with valuable knowledge of the credit repair industry, this credit recovery company offers outstanding credit repair services to the public. Members of this group are in favor of the different payment modalities available to consumers who use this company’s services to solve their credit problems and restore good ratings. This well-known company offers a reasonable, affordable monthly fee of $ 69 and a flat fee for six months of membership and benefits of $ 299.

There are no set-up fees for this plan, which costs $ 299, and it covers all the work done for you every six months. There are no ongoing monthly obligations. This agreement includes a six-month satisfaction guarantee that will allow new members to receive a refund after the first six months if they are dissatisfied with this loan repair service. This loan remediation company will receive additional approval from this group, as it will allow free first credit reports and new customer reviews. These benefits may be particularly helpful for seniors and students who often receive periodic funding as a lump sum and may not have a regular monthly income to pay bills.

Best company

Best Company has completed a comprehensive evaluation and evaluation process for The Credit People and its loan repair services. Best has developed its own unique Ranking Criteria ™ that combines its analysts with real-time consumer ratings to evaluate companies. The results of the moderation through user reports and professional rating techniques are completed to receive company rankings.

Best Company valuations have provided the following valuation results for the audit of the services provided by this credit repair company:

Positive Features

This popular credit repair company secures three credit reports and accompanying credit scores for clients from the major credit bureaus, free of charge, and ultimately helps these clients gain the largest possible increase in credit scores during and after the credit repair process. Additional positive, supportive features included in their services include the following:

  • Low Pricing for Credit Repair. – This credit repair company offers client services at much lower rates than the fees charged by the majority of its competitors. This company also offers all new customers a free credit consultation.
  • No Extra or Hidden Fees for Services. – The website for this company includes clear, concise pricing details for all credit repair services. As stated on the site, there are absolutely no hidden costs or extra fees to pay for full services.
  • Multiple Valuable Member Resources. – All clients of this major credit repair service are given 24-hour access to their online accounts. The company website also includes a “Frequently Asked Questions” page with detailed answers, a company blog and additional educational material relative to credit repair and good credit maintenance as well as consumer loan and credit card information and other funding products.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. – These credit reinstatement specialists offer all plan members a 60-day, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for their services. All customers have the option of canceling their monthly memberships at any time. The company website content states that clients will never pay for any services they are not pleased with.
  • Negative Conclusions

Best gives an overall performance score to this company’s programs and services of 5.4; however, the customer rating for this credit repair company is 4.6. Although this company performs the credit repair process for customers with very little if any client participation once the necessary data is collected, there may be some definite drawbacks to using this service, such as:

  • Trial Case Setup Period Only. – While it is true that this credit repair business does offer a 7-day trial period for case setup, it does not offer a free trial period for actual use of the services offered, as some competing companies do offer.
  • Limited Package Options. – The credit repair and reinstatement programs offered by this company do not include premium packages or different levels of services that new customers can choose from when starting their beginning client memberships. Since different credit issues may require different degrees of repair, this may be a hindrance to the ideal service needs of some customers. When they select this credit repair group to work with, these customers must accept a “one size fits all” approach to services.
  • Payment Options. – This credit repair company does not use the “pay-per-deletion” option for pricing. Instead, this business offers its clients the choice of monthly payments for services or the six-month payment agreement.