Senior VP of Ripple Product Announces Ways for UBRI tbitcoin quoteo Explore Blockchain Use Cases


Senior VP of Ripple Product Announces Ways for UBRI tbitcoin quoteo Explore Blockchain Use Cases

A new tweet from the Senior Vice President of Product at Ripple suggests that more use cases will be employed with the platform and blockchain technology. Referencing a new book from Kevin Warten, “The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust.”

Asheesh Birla, the SVP, notes that Warten is part of the University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) community. Warton’s role will be working on the different use cases that can be applied to blockchain technology.

The tweet says, “Excited it’s come full circle: I took classes from @kwerb @wharton and now he’s part of @Ripple’s UBRI community, looking at interesting use cases for auto insurance michiganblockchain!”

Warten was mentioned in a Ripple blog recently in reference to the questions thabankrate savings accountst the community needs to ask about the use cases, like if the problem is legitimate and where the traditional technology fails.

In a subsequent argument in the blog, the author also says that the use cases that coincide with the cost or the gap in trust are the ones that most accurately incorporate the use case. The problems in the past can be credited to crypto and dhow can i pay off debtigital asset use cases, thought enterprise solution may be resolved with the gap in trust with co-dependent entities. Warten has spoken on the potential for assistance with the use of Ripple’s services.

Only a week ago, the University of Texas came on with UBRI, Ripple to help with the blockchain initiative. A blockchain enthusiast, Tonny, commented on the Twitter post for Birla, saying,

“bitcoin with blockchain technology 1.0 and eth 2.0 is outdated compared to the trend. Nexty platform with superior technology compared to other currencies – fast transfer and transfer fees, it will replace and stand upbuying a house with a pool above all in the future. #crypto#nexty”

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